DJZ-folder preview 12/2017 – German hunting newspaper

20. November 2017 8474

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The new DJZ appears on the 29. November 2017.

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Current hunting seasons and the lunar brightness of the calendar, we put them online in the Service section. Here you will also find interesting Download, many wild game recipes, as well as DJZ-TV-tips for hunters.

TITLE: heave-Ho!

The Sow is located. Now it goes to the mountains. Like the green skirt makes the, often depends on the circumstances and its resources: Whether mountain-belt, backpack, piggyback, or “inclined plane”, one thing is for sure: With big pieces, it must be in the hands of spit.


  • After the shot: loot better mountains
  • Wild lone mountains without the aid of
  • Facebook insights: So the readers of bergen
  • Gallows with a pulley: Wild in the Elevator


Law and Kirrung
With the application of Bait that’s the thing: Almost all the States have their own regulations. View DJZ-lawyer Dr. Heiko Granzin.

The Hunter-Daughter
The parents of the new NRW-Minister for the environment are both hunters. In DJZ-Interview with Christina Schulze General description the is read clearly!

On Single-Women
Driven hunt. The anwechselnde piece is female and alone. Shoot now or wait and see? It depends on several factors. Game master Werner Siebern knows you.

A Sunny Track
It’s not just hot, but was also unexpectedly hot. In the recent DJZ-hunting 100 piece fell nearly Wild nearly 20 degree temperature.

More from DJZ-test area …

Binoculars: comparison of the lens diameter – The thicker, the better?
The Obkektiv diameter in binoculars and low-light crucial? According to laboratory measurements, Yes. In the field test may not.

Other Topics:

  • Riflescope: Kite of 2.5–15 x 56 optic …
  • Bolt action: Haenel Jaeger 10 varmint More on the topic of weapons
  • Equipment Magazine More Market Information …
  • Autotest: Honda CR-V 1.6 i-DTEC More DJZ-car tests …

  • Driven Hunt: A Condition Of Participation Teckel!
  • After work: Wet-nothing is

Expensive Safes
Since July, a new weapons act. The new weapons Cabinet-Standard set: safer, but also more expensive.

Henrik Elbers prepares Rehkoteletts with palm red cabbage for you …

With his Thermomix Markus Lück has prepared for you this time, delicious wild game stew. A hunter’s liquor’s and wine …

More recipes available here Online …

Pulpit gossip – the Podcast of the German hunting newspaper. Over 30 years there was to read us only, or to see for 10 years, also in the Video. Now there’s what to listen to.

Here is the title theme of the current issue …