DJZ-folder preview 2/2018 – German hunting newspaper

24. January 2018 10549

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The new DJZ appears at 31. January 2018.

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TITLE: Hand in Hand

He is not only a helper and faithful companion,
for almost all of the green skirts of your hunting dog and family member. And also piece of jewelry? In order for a hunting-philosopher deals with. As well as cooperation Primary with a lot of feeling from the “last Gang” reported.

  • The best friend of the hunter: The last Gang
  • The hunter and his four runners: My house, my car, my dog
  • Hunting and family dog, the children-compromise


Track statistics
Many, many deer and sows were killed in the hunting year 2016/17. Everything is ok in German territories? So-So, because there are also “problem children”. The facts and figures.

Tale of the Wolf
So as silly: 1. Wolf regulation in Germany (see the Editorial). And the Federal office for nature conservation is also of this world.

Thick applied
What are Winter for grenades in the area! But at some point the first coat of paint. In the Bast bucks are often a lot more than you think, blank.

Disguise and deceive
A jumping deer, a sounder of sows on deckungslosem rape blow. Unattainable? A bit of Well-disguised, and in “predator style”, the Stalker close to the prey.

Ceramic against rust
A manufacturer promises: nano-coating brings lasting rust protection. We have been exposed to barrels of salt water. Comparison test.

Further Equipment:

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  • Autotest: Skoda Kodiaq 2.0 TDI More DJZ-car tests …


Also a silencer is required for maintenance. As the bullhorn is properly maintained, shows DJZ-weapons expert Norbert Klups.

Pulpit gossip – the Podcast of the German hunting newspaper. Over 30 years there was to read us only, or to see for 10 years, also in the Video. Now there’s what to listen to.

Here is the title theme of the current issue …