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    TITLE: do you Bock?

    Definitely! From 1. May we finally go again: the hunt for Bock, Schmalreh and yearling in the whole of Germany. But where’s the Horned are actually? What incentives are there for tenants? And what of the “charge browsing”? We have the answers.

    • Prelude to buck hunt:Null Bock gibts nicht
    • Unnecessary bureaucracy: farewell to the launch plan
    • Deer browsing Often overestimated
    • Lease price reduction: incentive, risk


    10,000 volts brakes
    Sows in the Fields or in the Corn: That will be expensive. Black coat from the box to hold fruit, the green rock an electric fence. How the game master Werner Siebern.

    Fixed on foxes!
    These Numbers will also be open the last green rock and the eye: Dr. Heinz Spittler proves it impressively with data and facts: foxes have to be thoroughly hunted.

    Right: the weapons in the estate
    The old Weidmann of green now covers the lawn. His legacy, among other things, 8 Long and 2 short guns. The members do not know quite What to do with it? The DJZ-the lawyer explains.

    Hunt in Taiwan TV
    There had probably never been: A Taiwanese film crew turned up at the end of November 2017, in a Film about the German art of hunting. And it’s weirder: the Chinese in turn of the cameras of the West German radio were accompanied.

    DJZ: the falconry
    Nils Jansen is only 21 years old. By the age of 16, he made the hunting – and 1 year later, the Falconer bill. Many beautiful experiences of the Bocholt with his Terzel Leif had. But not very long – the hawk contracted an incurable disease.

    The is on the Gas
    A self-loader for the whole fixed hunters: The Winchester SX-4 skin via gas pressure for the cartridges in record time to get out.

    Other Equipment Topics:

    • Binoculars: Kales Helia RF More optics …
    • Bolt Action Rifles: Browning Maral Composite
    • Equipment Magazine More Market Information …
    • Autotest: Grand Cherokee Trailhawk and More DJZ-car tests …

    Learned is learned
    The dog working in the black is wild gates rather Entertainment or serious rehearsal? DJZ-author Jürgen rosary has taken up this subject. See also: Saugatter in Germany: training courses and contact …


    • Hunting preparation: Good dogs – the hunts, the key to a Successf lg to pull the trigger. Especially when it comes to sows. But where to get?

    Zack (not only for hunters): hunters wedding: the hunt is over
    Even hunters want to get married. Some quite traditional, others with hunting related. What will prepare the bride and groom and guests with a memorable day, we have summarized in the Following.

    Pleasure in pink
    War of faith on the stove: Is it better to take a saddle of venison pink, or serving it well done? The DJZ-chef Henrik Elbers has a crystal-clear answer …

    Fittingly, there’s asparagus mousse as Weidgericht.

    And for the friends of the fast food Markus Lück cooks with his Thermomix, this time in a Jiffy-Bolognes. And Risotto with green asparagus?

    More recipes available here Online …

    Pulpit gossip – the Podcast of the German hunting newspaper. Over 30 years there was to read us only, or to see for 10 years, also in the Video. Now there’s what to listen to.

    Here is the title theme of the current issue …