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    The new DJZ appears on the 29. May 2018.

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    Current hunting seasons and the lunar brightness of the calendar, we put them online in the Service section. Here you will also find interesting Download, many wild game recipes, as well as DJZ-TV-tips for hunters.

    Title of topic: There’s a light on you!

    Hunting is extremely diverse. From time to time the green skirt stands in front of situations for which he has ad-hoc, no solution. The DJZ editors have written all your tips and Tricks, which can help in exceptional situations (hopefully).

    • Tips and Tricks around the hunting
    • So it works in an emergency!


    Dog in the right

    Quickly it happened: The robbery stuff sharp hunting dog neighbor’s pussy on the collar. It’s a guaranteed Trouble. DJZ-lawyer Dr. Heiko Granzin has a number of such cases reviewed.

    Old High Seats

    You need to be demolished, or is it worth it, with Hammer and nails, elderly residence facilities to smarten up?

    Red trail in Yellow

    The search process in oilseed rape is considered to be particularly difficult and dangerous. Game master Werner Siebern has already done it x times.

    Further Dog Topic:

    Dog in distress A dog that does not swim. It sounds strange first, but it’s supposed to give you. A professional hunter has had a four runner, and tells how he taught him to Swim.

    Great Cookie Jar

    Smoking in a disused biscuit tin. This is easy, and the result is convincing. DJZ-chef Henrik Elbers explains exactly how to do it.

    ROE Deer Caliber

    Thickness pills for delicate deer

    Other Equipment Topics:

    • Weapon: Heym 26 BBF
    • Semi-automatic: Savage MSR10 Long Range More on the topic of weapons
    • Caliber: 6.5 Creedmoor
    • Autotest: Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross More DJZ-car tests …
    • Equipment magazine

    Wutzen in wheat

    Some sows will not leave even the wheat. This can be for the tenant to be really expensive. Strategies, such as in the grain on the black coat, steam is made.

    To Zack: Rachendasseln

    The mere thought of Rachendasseln makes the most of the hunters, a cold shiver down the spine. As against the pesky animals, the procedure should be explained to an experienced hunter as well as a veterinarian.

    Henrik Elbers shows in the June issue, such as stained Rehfilet is made.

    Ran to the Grill! Or would you prefer tender asparagus. Markus Lück and his Thermomix, this time there’s a fiery Marinade for venison chops and creamy asparagus soup.

    More recipes available here Online …

    Pulpit gossip – the Podcast of the German hunting newspaper.

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