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    TITLE: harvest hunting

    The combine does its work. The cereal box gets smaller and smaller. Now the green skirts of the gun should be in feet. Because there are few better opportunities to decimate the feral stock. The harvest hunt is safe and successful.

    • Harvest Hunting: Sure Harvest
    • Car seats high: harvest hunting on 4 wheels


    Under The “Green Rock”
    In Feldkirchen (Carinthia/Austria) designed by Elisabeth summer Recently, lingerie for hunters. This is probably unique to date. The DJZ was for you “on the spot”.

    Field Buzzing Noise
    Sheet time: Also in the open country brunftige bucks. As the seduces, betrays game master Werner Siebern.

    Streams to choose from
    A touchy subject. But who wants to reduce black wild effectively, you must think about. DJZ-author Frank Rakow has done. His conclusion: Prior to the ASP, we should strike!

    Heat of battle
    The height of summer. Sows in Corn. The dogs are strapped. There is some danger lurking on the four runners. Especially in the heat.

    “Scavenger Hunt”
    Chips always go. The breaded pieces of meat coated and fried – are knocked in principle, delicious. From game a true pleasure for the palate snipped,.

    Thermal Image Comparison Test
    The technique, the heat of the game visually, is on the rise. The DJZ has been compared 3 different expensive Liemke products.

    Other Equipment Topics:

    • Ammunition: the Renaissance of 9.3 x 72 R
    • Bolt Action: Mercury Sapphires
    • Equipment Magazine More Market Information …
    • Autotest: DS 7 cross back More DJZ-car tests …

    On your toes (not just for women): women are entering the hunting
    Although women are on the hunt more and more, but you will conquer this, therefore, is equal to? The current special exhibition in the castle of Landshut deals with this topic.

    Stuffed rib roast of wild boar, there is this time as Weidgericht.

    Markus Lück and his Thermomix you can cook delicious Puszta Sauce. Also, the whiskey-Butter, you should not miss the grill plates.

    More recipes available here Online …

    Pulpit gossip – the Podcast of the German hunting newspaper. Over 30 years there was to read us only, or to see for 10 years, also in the Video. Now there’s what to listen to.

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