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9. October 2017 85

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Tomorrow is world dog day. For 11 % of the households in Germany, there is a reason to celebrate. More dog love there is in Hunter households: In 2 thirds of a four-legged friend lives a minimum of. It need not always be of the Dachshund, shows a recent survey conducted by the German hunting Association.

The Tradition of hunting dogs is old. Already in the time of 10,000 BC, accompanied four-legged friend to the people in the hunt, and even today, many hunters take to heart the motto: “hunting without a dog is filth”. In two-thirds of hunters in households with a four-legged hunting companion is present at least – the current survey results, the German hunting Association (DJV), on the occasion of the world-dogs-released Tags. They are companions, hunting and full-fledged members of the family at the same time – also dealing with children is for you, of course. On average, only 11 percent of all households own a dog.

Image: Kauer, Mross/DJV

Particularly popular with hunters, pointing dogs, such as German Shorthair, German Wirehaired pointer, or Weimaraner: In each of the fourth Fighter she is. Your tasks in hunting are many and varied: The dogs are for all the Work in field, forest, and water. The special behavior which distinguishes these dogs is the so-called Projecting: Smell you in the search for Wild in the high Grass, you will remain a jerk in front of it. In the second place, the popularity of the short-legged Dachshund (12 percent). These are suitable because of their good nose, even for the search of injured wildlife. Thereafter, retrievers (10 percent), and Terrier (8 percent). In Germany there are several dozen from hunting dog Association recognized breeds with very different fields of application. Well-trained dogs are important for a weid and humane hunting. This applies, for example, for autumn stöber hunts on deer, deer and wild boar: The dogs used to wild find animals in dense thickets and moving without rushing you. So the hunter can make targeted shots.

The training takes place, among other things, in the so-called black wild tags: To hand tame wild dogs don’t have to prove to the pigs that they endanger themselves, but the pigs find it and in motion. Scientific stress tests not show: The wild pigs itch. So-called welding of the dogs, in turn, are trained to Find injured wildlife. You can see a trail of tiny blood droplets after 48 hours, you can securely keep track of. The training is varied and each is designed for the later area of the hunting dog. The use of useful dogs in the hunt, incidentally, is required by law and proof of services rendered duty.

Graphics: DJV

Hunting dog breeds have managed for a long time now in private living room: Golden Retriever, Setter, Jack Russel Terrier or a Vizsla – they have their origin in the hunt. Hunting dogs are generally full of attitude as the so-called society, dogs such as Chihuahua, pug or toy poodle. Weimaraners, for example, due to their beautiful appearance and the eyes becoming more and more popular. Unfortunately, often forget that these dogs have instinct to have a strong hunting and protector. Without the right Training, a lot of movement, and species-appropriate employment conflicts are inevitable. Each should acquire a dog to the words of the little Prince think: “You’re life responsible for what you have tamed.”