Ecologists in Action awards to the ONC with the ‘Horse of Attila’ by their work in defence of hunting – CazaWonke – Hunting and Safaris, your daily hunting.

Ecologistas en Acción premia a la ONC con el 'Caballo de Atila' por su trabajo en defensa de la caza - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

Ecologists in Action has been granted to the National Office of Hunting the prize Horse of Attila for his work in the defence sector, “and we couldn’t be more proud”, they claim from this entity.

“We have been granted by to defend the hunting (and hunters) as an essential element of the rural world, by working for the Congress to understand the activity as fundamental for the conservation and promote the approach to the hunting of the young people. We also could have received the award for the legal defense of hunting and hunters before the assault animalistic, for the development of modalities hunting traditional, for the defence of hunters spaniards in Europe… and so much more.”

For this reason, the ONC has wanted to thank Ecologists in Action this recognition of his activity, “of which we feel every day more proud, because with awards like this encourage us to work each day more and more intensively”.