Europe: Permanent staff and financial crisis, in the FACE! – German Hunting Newspaper

21. December 2018 24






    The merger of European hunting associations, FACE and its Secretary-General, Ludwig Willenegger separate.

    This was decided at the 19.12.2019 completely by surprise by the closest leadership circle in Brussels. Want to EGGER had been brought to a deep crisis of the organization in the February 2017 Board. This development comes for all observers, unexpectedly, because in the last two years, the FACE moved again in calmer water. Under Willenegger has operated a successful communications and lobbying in Brussels, where the Hunting act with a tremendous human and financial Superiority in the European institutions.

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    He had also urged a budget increase for the under-funded FACE. Barely 80,000 euros of the DJV in the year and from Munich, paid nothing. So you can not score points in Brussels.

    The FACE office is still suffering from a severe strife of the 36 member associations. While the DJV transfers his good contributions to Brussels are set to other members, such as poles, Frenchmen and Spaniards, with your payments or have you. The personnel change at the top seems to do even less with the current managing Director of Bavaria itself. He could become the pawn of an agreement with the new FACE-the President Larsson with such associations. Apparently, a Francophone Director to replace the current one. The DJV has not commented on the operations yet.

    Before the important European elections in may 2019 and the establishment of a new European Commission in the autumn of 2019, the FACE reveals its deep conflict. For the important concerns of the hunters in Europe that means nothing Good.