False alarm for a shooting tenant – German hunting newspaper

24. October 2018 78






    For once, it was a wild accident, to which a hunter was. A water Buffalo was hit by a car and injured.

    Last Tuesday, a 57-Year-old on the B275 between Nieder-Mockstadt and Staden (wetterau/Hessen) was on the road, as a water Buffalo crossed the road. Your Mini captured the 400-pound animal, then over the hood onto the windshield. The Buffalo suffered injuries to the shoulder and legs. The Mini driver was uninjured.

    (Photo: Affected Farmer)

    The informed officials, tried to make the owner of the animal be identified and informed of the shooting tenant, to come to the accident site, in order to save the Buffalo, if necessary. But false alarm: To this arrived the farmer to whom the animal belongs, was already informed and arrived. It was brought back into the fold. How the Buffalo managed to escape, it is so far unclear.