“Fawn” mother of the German hunting newspaper

11. April 2018 77






    After the discovery of baby bones in the Viernheimer forest, the police has determined now is the mother of the little “Michael”.

    A mushroom picker discovered the bones of the boys on the 9th. By September 2017, in a wooded area at four home. In the meantime, 7 months have passed.

    Such as the police and the Prosecutor’s office to tell today, has been found to be the child’s mother now. The key note to a Suspect came up by the special Commission “Renatus” from the neighboring Mannheim, Baden-Württemberg.

    (Photo: Shutterstock)

    The Reviews of the 31-Year-old from Mannheim by the competent AG “Kitz” showed that the imprisoned woman in March of 2017 before the commencement of their detention, a boy by the name of “Michael” to the world, from which every trace is missing. A DNA breakthrough.

    The Boy is 22. March 2017 for the world and became, according to previous investigations and results of the medical examinations, less than 2 weeks old.