Federal Championships: the first results online – German hunting newspaper

8. September 2017 52

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On Wednesday Morning, the DJV began-the Federal championship in the hunting shoot in 2017. The DJV published on jagdverband.de and in the social media, the first results and reported daily from the competition in Garlstorf.

After the start of this year’s DJV Federal championship in the hunting shoot the German hunting Association (DJV) represents the first results online. Interested parties can view the lists and impressions of the event from now on jagdverband.de/bmjs17 . The page is continuously updated. #BMJS17 there are photos and background information about the event, also on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

In the case of the DJV Federal championship in the hunting shoot about 700 compete to Protect against each other (photo: Hand-held/DJV)

To 9. By September 2017, about 700 Shooters on the firing range in lower Saxony, Garlstorf against each other. In the first two days of the individual are mainly to protect the series, the team competition will take place starting Thursday. Participants in the women – Junior-, senior-, and age classes, as well as the open class have the Chance to win the title of “master of all classes”.