Federal Jägertag 2018 – German Hunting Newspaper

20. June 2018 28






    About 400 delegates and guests visited in mid-June, this year’s Federal jägertag in Bremen.

    (Photos: Falk Haacker)

    Priorities were a breeder reactor protection project in Bremen Blockland, and a panel discussion on the current hunting policy issues, Wolf, African swine fever (ASF) and the types of grasslands protection in Agriculture.

    Also about the fur exchange project has been informed. More than 7,000 deer were in the 1. The year of the 257 collection sites in Germany, delivered. The marketing of Smoking product has begun. A Declaration of war was pronounced in the direction of PETA and co. DJV-President, Hartwig Fischer, announced consistently against incitement on the Internet. Since the may cost money, has formed the Association already provisions. Not cheap, the production of the Comics is likely to be “The dark side of animal rights” have been presented. The short film, the absurd claims of some animal rights activists showing is not met, however, not to everyone’s taste.

    The next Federal jägertag will take place from 6.-7. June 2019 in Berlin. Will be hosted by the German hunting Association itself, which celebrates its 70 birthday.