FIDC Brescia, migration: what’s new for stalking temporary

FIDC Brescia, migratoria: novità per l’appostamento temporaneo

FIDC Brescia, migratoria: novità per l’appostamento temporaneoThere are several innovations contained in the Law of Simplification 2017 just been approved by the Regional Council of Lombardy. The provincial section of Brescia of the Italian Federation of Hunting has studied one of these aspects, in particular the possibility offered to the hunters to exercise the stalking temporary only to the migration in the whole regional territory. This collection is done starting from the third Sunday of October and there is a package of ten days total.

The hunter will have the obligation to forward the application to the Territorial Scope of Hunting, or to the Alpine Territory in which you intend to carry out the days of hunting. To do this has time until the 31st march (even if it is only for this year, the deadline has been postponed for obvious reasons to the 17th of September): the ATC or the District will respond within the 31st of may.

Is to be observed also a percentage with regard to the hunters guests: must not be more than 5% of the total number of members enrolled in the previous year, without forget that you will not have to pay no fee, but limited to the respect of the indices of density and hunting (according to the calculations of the Region of Lombardy). The standard was commissioned by the councillor Alessandro Sala and endorsed by Fabio Impressario, a board member of the Northern League. According to the association of hunting and it is a new basic for the hunters bresciani.