Flushing dog guide SVLFG insured

A flushing dog leader who has a wild boar hunting accident, is insured by the Agricultural trade Association (SVLFG). The decision of the Federal social court in Kassel, in the last instance.

Had complained that it had a flushing dog leader, who fell a wild boar hunting took part, and on the trunk of a tree and injured himself. The SVLFG not recognized the accident as a work accident. The reasoning: The plaintiff was a “businessman-like”.

The against the negative decision complaint had been dismissed by the social court of Regensburg (S 5 U 5027/14). The signer moved in front of the social court which ruled in his favor, and an accident at work (L 2 U 108/15). This judgment was on 6. September 2018, confirmed by the Federal social court (B 2 U 18/17 R).


Social insurance must pay for accidents at work of dog guides (photo: Markus Lück)

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