Forester in the face, beaten – offenders in focus – German hunting newspaper

16. March 2017 36

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Last Monday discovered a Forester in the forest South of the village of Ruppichteroth-Berg (North Rhine-Westphalia), 3 men with their Cross bikes in the woods.

When he stopped one of the men, and him, took this and hit the Forester several times in the face.

The 53-year-old Forester is an employee of the counts of nesselrod’s forestry administration, and was his all-terrain vehicle on the road, than him the young men stood out on their machines. They had no official flag.

Violence in the forest (the Icon)

The Ranger followed them and stopped a at a bottleneck at the highway 86 in the vicinity of the forestry house. After him, the pursuit car. had repeatedly beaten in the face, he fled with the other two. The Forester managed to wrest the young man his backpack and hand him over to the police.

The facial injuries were treated by a physician. When the police investigated the crime scene also happened to be the offender on the spot, apparently kept his backpack on the look-out. The 24-Year-old was interrogated and confessed to the crime. He must now stand in respect of dangerous bodily injury.