Frankfurt: The lion king – Still a month Kuhnert-exhibition in Frankfurt – the German hunting newspaper

27. December 2018 37






    Who has not seen it yet, still a month’s time: 27. January 2019, the grandiose exhibition of works by the greatest German animal painter, Wilhelm Kuhnert, in the Frankfurt Schirn-Kunsthalle closes its doors.

    © Kunsthalle Frankfurt, 2018, (Photo: Norbert Miguletz)Schirn

    Until then, visitors can see about 100 large-scale oil Paintings, drawings and graphics, the African wildlife and pristine landscapes.

    One of the first European artist Kuhnert as a painter and hunter, between 1891 and 1912, the still largely unexplored then colony travelled in German East Africa. Under partly adverse circumstances, he created sketches of the animal and plant world. They served him as models for his monumental paintings that he created later in his Studio in Berlin, and with great success internationally exhibited. “A great comprehensive retrospective” was the verdict of the FAZ.

    For every African hunters and art lovers, the exhibition is an absolute Must. The Works presented come from private collections and museums in Germany, Holland and the USA. It will take decades before a similar exhibition is to be seen once again.


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