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7. December 2017 21

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The change of coat GmbH is a successful 1. Season started. At the peak of the predators hunting in January, the German hunting Association (DJV) and the Landesjagdverband Baden-Württemberg (LJV) give practical hints for the treatment shot, which shall be animals.

Animal species

The change of coat GmbH shall, within the framework of the sustainable hunting and the country legal requirements in Germany, shot red foxes, raccoon dogs, raccoons, badgers, stone and pine marten, ermine (Big weasel), polecats, mink, Nutria (swamp beavers) and muskrat.

Packaging and storage

The carcasses should be Packed in accordance with the payment as quickly as possible and to save space, and not necessarily with the proof of origin provided. It is recommended that a medium sized bucket with a plastic bag to line the shot animal curled into it (similar to the natural sleeping position of the animal). The Branten are inside and not damage the bag. Then the bag should be tightly closed.

With cable ties related bags with animal body and proof of origin (photo: fur exchange GmbH)

The completed certificate of origin should be put in a clear plastic bag, so that from the outside it is immediately evident, to which animal it is. Both are packaged in the animal body, and the proof of origin to be connected with a cable tie and closed and the next collection point or in your freezer frozen.


As of December 2017 Germany are reported far more than 100 collection. To learn where the nearest collection point, can hunter and hunter in the first step, your game management or the circle hunters ‘ Association requests. In the last step can also be in the fur exchange GmbH demand.

The quality of the bellows

Whether the quality of the bellows is sufficient for tanning, you should decide for every hunter. Characteristics of a Mature Winterbalges are long wool guard hair and density. It is important to pay attention to the integrity of the back area. This should be free of major holes (no bigger than a 2 Euro piece), mange, Ranz or bite marks.

Establishment of collection points

Questions related to setting up of collection centres by Heger Inge or circular hunting clubs / hunting clubs, the fur exchange GmbH. For a collection requires a large freezer and a contact person (hair follicle officer). The collection points can immediately be www.fellwechsel.org/downloads/ signed so that the logistics are optimally planned. There you will also find the necessary origin forms. It is foreseeable that the chest is full, you will be asked, with one to two weeks, the fur exchange GmbH lead to contact, in order to plan the further logistics.


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