Further enclosure, a wolf killed – the German hunting newspaper

11. October 2017 2441

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After last Sunday, one of the from an enclosure in the Bavarian forest national Park erupted wolves was shot, it came out yesterday, Tuesday, to a further firing.

Jörg Müller, Deputy head of the national Park administration Bayerischer Wald, in a press release: we are sorry to inform that another of the formerly 6 from the wildlife Park in Ludwigsthal runaway wolves had to be shot. We continue to do all of the animals are alive to get a hold of. We regret that a Capture was possible in this case.“

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In the search for the 3 remaining enclosures, the search parties were wolves now reinforced. Additional live traps.

In the meantime, the Competent do not go with the national Park administration, by the way, the wolves could alone break out. Alleged animal friends have helped.