Gear tester EXPERIENCE Testing Extreme – main movie

Gear tester EXPERIENCE Testing Extreme

The main movie to the video series gear tester EXPERIENCE DAY – Testing Extreme … an event, whose Motto is easy to explain. Touch, try out and for yourself. RW, GRS, Dentler montages, Hausken, Sitka, Swarovski, and Heym presented their equipment and we test were. Among others, the first event where the new Swarovski dS 5-25×52 P (riflescope with automatic breakpoint display… could be shot for the 10 to 300 m) and the possibility, the new RWS-missile 10.3 x 68 and the muffler shot with a Hausken-feel damper ;-). Many thanks to the gear tester Team. The event was mega-awesome :-).
We had fun and for me it was the 3.Place in the RWS-scoring shoot-out and a great picture during the return trip from the traffic police. So drive carefully…

Greeting and Waidmannsheil Your three Scion

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