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17. April 2018 16






    The police Mannheim is currently looking for a poacher who shot at Meckesheim (Rhein-Neckar-Kreis) a minimum of 2 pieces in black suede.

    The least-informed walkers to the competent hunting tenants last Friday, on a on a field in the area of the Horrenberger path is found, about 80 kg heavy Pig with a gunshot wound.

    At least one further incident occurred a week earlier, in the immediate vicinity. Here, too, a dead found wild boar with a gunshot wound, the police informs.

    (Photo: Pixabay)

    Because normally the shots would be heard in the vicinity of the respective locations, the police it is possible that the perpetrator or perpetrators of prohibited items, say a silencer, used. A evidence can no longer be carried out due to heavy rain.

    Notes suspicious persons/vehicles to take to the police station Neckargemünd Tel.: 06223/9254-0 and the police post Meckesheim Tel.: 06226/1336.