Goose hunting in the Emperor’s realm with Video

Goose hunting in the Empire

Hunting diary, 07.01.2016

I would like to tell you about one of my recent hunting experiences. An experience of the common, active hunting with a change between tension and expectation, full of peace, which is otherwise known only from driven hunts in big game areas. From a hunt, brought to boil, the blood and the body to sweat, despite the freezing temperatures, just behind the North sea dyke, expected something different.

I would a Film about it anmoderieren, I would be him for sure goose fever , because then every hunting friend knows what I’m talking about.

The Dithmarscher country Cord Beckmann host rose in the days before, for other reasons, the blood pressure, because he has to be arable land in the semi-country of Friedrichskoog, a of the sea reclaimed from the marshland between the open North sea and the Elbe estuary. Just rest here thousands of wild geese on the flight from Scandinavia to the South or spend the Winter, such as the Barnacle geese, before they return to spawn in their Arctic territories in the Barents Region.

It is the concentration and the number of geese, the aggrieved farmers are compensated for your food on the arable land cover, without the damage.

In the interview, the country declared me to host the necessary hunting, which according to the schleswig-Holstein land hunting law for the prevention of damages on arable land, among other things, on the Barnacle goose (white cheeks goose) is allowed. Cord the farmer says, “have taken from me in the days before the wheat blow apart, and already several Thousands of euros damage, which I, as a young farmer only has to cope with.”.

Now the farmers are born, often with a stone on the chest, but what I saw with my own eyes, confirmed his irritation. Not a square foot without damage, in the leaf development stage, the Green was extensively eroded, and everywhere bequeathed Gänsekot.

With Nils were Kradel, the passionate pass of modern flight, wild has prescribed hunting and successfully flight-wild loose ( builds and hunting friend Volker.

Already during the construction of the lock image, we made a äsende geese and the image of the flying up goose was huge. Wings beat, trumpet the end of the Call, and a four-poster with a black-grey-white wing of the maze was Not for us-Dithmarscher hunter more than impressive.

Only Cord remained calm and urged to hurry, because it’s not be sure the last of the geese that would visit us today. So we built the u-shaped lock image with flocked Half – and full-shell dummies of grey geese, which look only for the human eye to look real.

The malware-ridden wheat field is separated by a man of deep reed ditch, and in this we built a spacious Stand that was only with naturally occurring Reeds and a reed-Mat blind.

By the way, our Drive was viewed for a time by a other goose hunters, an adult white-tailed eagle, high above the lock image circled. Me, the majestic, and largest bird of Prey of Germany and I filmed him, fascinated, as I was today in the hunt.

On the field, the ice-cold Wind that blew strong in his face and we took slowly the customary and the constant sea breeze due facial redness. In the ditch self wind it was almost silent and so we were sitting on a cushion on the hard frozen ground and talked about the personal expectations, the varied but strong.

In the run-up Cord through regular the favorite field of the goose Monitor is determined so that the lock picture and the screen were perfect. The Wind blew so that the goose for the shotgun shot came optimally and the lock image corresponded exactly to the ideas of the goose, and caught on.

And the seconds of the sighting of the approaching Geese flock, potentially increasing the tension of the Shooters in the screen, the command that makes all at the same time to stand up and fire and then falling geese. In my opinion, these are probably just the special moments, the goose fever.

It is so different than the quiet and alone experienced emotions on a driven hunt Bock.

When goose hunting a We-feeling, because it is here, tangible and direct as a Team. And that, after a successful approach, a cry of enthusiasm at one time or another to Protect, revealed the joy about the successful Interaction and successful hunt.

And on this day of the hunt everything came together; the sun broke through the clouds and made for a pleasant and warming light, the “grave talks” were entertaining, and the steady approach of, some of them huge geese flocks with repeated hunting of the consequences of leaving the hours as minutes.

At the end of the hunting day, we could with four guns 66 geese, mostly the cheeks of white geese (Barnacle geese).

On the return journey, we were really euphoric, exchanged the impressions, talked about the recipes and agreed on the firm will of a soon-to-be a repetition of this goose hunting in Friedrichskoog, a land whose inhabitants call it lovingly to her Empire.

The prey was divided and processed into delicious wild poultry dishes.

And Farmer Cord…? He reported in the days that, “No geese on my field!”. And I said, “Well, if we were able to help You.”.

Greeting and Waidmannsheil

Your Three Scion

And for all who find the visual effects more appealing, here you can find the right Video: