Green week: Endangered species in the box, the hallway in the center of the German hunting newspaper

6. December 2018 67






    With the focus on “Field and meadow habitat” makes the DJV to the dramatic decline of species diversity in the open country. Trade fair visitors can inform themselves on the International Green week, 2019 (IGW) on the many facets of the hunt.

    At the International Green week, the German hunting Association (DJV) will be presenting on 300 square meters of controversial topics and a focus on constructive discourse with government and consumers. The focus is on the loss of biodiversity in the agricultural landscape. “With the partridge as an indicator species for an intact box, the corridor we inform you about the activities of the hunting community in conservation, and our demands on the agricultural policy”, says Dr. Jürgen Ellenberger from the DJV Bureau.

    Residents of the Field and meadow habitat partridges. Their dramatic decline is a theme of Green week in 2019 (photo: Seifert/DJV)

    The partridge stock is, since 1980, 94 percent decreased. Lack of food and shrinking habitat are just some of the reasons for the drastic decline. 18. to 27. January 2019, visitors can experience the habitat field hall at the International Green week in Berlin in hall 4.2 at booth 200 at first hand, a current reporting is carried out daily on the social media.

    For children from 4 years and offer the hunter an informative and entertaining program: “crime scene biotope”Quiz allows young explorers to explore what native predatory mammals, behind which traces of hide. The trained and knowledgeable place of learning-nature-Team in case of questions with advice and act to the side.

    Wildlife accidents are a further focus. About every two and a half minutes to collide, according to the DJV wild accident statistics a wild animal with a car. Visitors can have their ability to react to a braking simulator test. What to do if there is a crash really, and what are the measures for the wild accident prevention are not effective, explain DJV staff.

    Feathered hunters such as eagles, Goshawk and peregrine Falcon make trade fair visitors at the Stand of the German Falcon . Even four-legged hunting buddies are: dog trainer, Alexandra Know and the Team of hunting dog Association to clarify questions about hunting dog training.

    Fur from the local hunt is the focus of the fur exchange GmbH, the state-informed about how the hunters killed wild animals for a reasonable and sustainable use.

    Hungry visitors can look over a hearty game specialities from the gastronomic and hunter Erich Einecke and his Team to look forward to. The vitamin-rich and healthy game meat is for the cold Season of the year and scores with a full-bodied taste. On several days the chefs show up on the hall stage as easy and varied wild game meat can be prepared. Cost is explicitly desired.