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6. July 2018 36






    Grooming is quickly associated with posh, and lap dog. However, in the case of hunting dogs, there is a need for a little Cleanliness. Depending on the breed and coat, there are differences which must be respected. Sophia Lorenzoni

    (Photo: Dieter Hopf)

    Stop, you stay here …“, and he is in there and is jumping soaking wet on the Sofa. Who does not know it: it’s raining Outside, the dog looks like a bitch. And until the towel is there, is already full of gesudelt. Hunters who keep your dog in the kennel, don’t know the Problem. Dried off, he should be anyway. The dog man can’t do a lot wrong and most of the dogs are enjoying it.

    It is also important that the four runners will be investigated after the hunt and after each walk on a foreign body, such as barnacles, Awns and ticks. Great attention especially to the ears, bales, or to give the spaces between the claws and the whiskers.

    Particularly Awns can cause serious injuries, says Yvonne Praetor, a veterinarian in a small animal practice in the area of Stuttgart. Through their tips, you can penetrate easily to the skin; their barbs allow them to migrate through the tissue.

    Munsterlander-dog Heidi in skin care: with the right brush, no Problem! (Photo: Sophia Lorenzoni)

    In dire cases, you can penetrate even into joints or internal organs, where they cause severe inflammation. This is the case, Yvonne Praetor had not, fortunately, yet, but between the 2 bones you cut a Awn in a 2-hour Operation.

    There is saving of time, money, and Stress for the dog, when he leads the “tracking” in the fur routinely. A brush is also helpful to remove Dirt and Matting of the fur to prevent. For this purpose, it is advisable to take a little more money in Hand and buy one for the fur. The manufacturer differ mainly between Long and short hair, and the size of the dog.

    Shaggy is no longer occasionally need to be trimmed or plucked, because the ordinary change of coat takes place correctly, but the “dead hair” remains in the wool. So the air comes to the skin and irritation avoided.

    Shorn of hunting dogs do not have to be in the normal case. In some breeds, such as the German wire hair, do not need to be taken to ensure that the hair is to restrict the eye sight. Here, it should be used – even if it is difficult to shear. The four runners are shortened, the hair on the paws, in order to prevent that annoying snow from forming lumps. Yvonne Praetor’s counsel for caution: The hairs also provide protection against cold and injury.

    Shampoo frowned upon?

    Is dirty, the fur, the nose changes completely, tuts, also the water and the Shampoo. But don’t overdo it, daily showering is a (hunting)dog is necessary.

    The four runner has messed up completely, it helps to have a simple baby shampoo or special dog shampoo from the Pet supply store or from the veterinarian.

    As long as no skin lesions, dull coat or hair loss, occur in the four-runner, must also be taken not much Special. Skin and hair have a layer of grease, which offers sufficient protection.

    Veterinarian Yvonne Praetor with wire-hair bitch Bessy (photo: Private)

    Should it happen that the male man is something unusual appears, it may be due to an unbalanced diet, hormonal changes, or parasites, such as mites or fleas. Then, only the visit to the vet helps.

    Ears clean only on the outside

    Healthy dog ears should be no need to clean regularly. Only outwardly you should particles of coarse dirt and Plants, such as burrs or Awns, are exempt. Earwax transported small impurities from the ear canal to the outside.

    From the ear passage with lay brush in the direction of the ear culpable knowledge is not advised. The eardrum could be injured. Better to use a mild cleaner, which is introduced into the ear canal and is easily massaged into the skin to loosen the dirt, is a veterinarian Yvonne Praetor advises.