Gun belt from Niggeloh in Namibia -hunting equipment-Test

NAMIBIA TEST: gun belt

Since my new one should get MAD 404 also of a decent gun belt is worn, it occurred to me, as a first step, the company Niggeloh. Spontaneously, I wrote to Mr Brügger from Niggeloh an Email and asked him if he would be interested in, to support my Namibia project.

“We are”

After we got off the phone had and Mr Brügger immediately offered its support had, it takes only 2 days and I had 3 brilliant gun belts in the Post.

A good belt should not be missing

In Namibia arrived, I gave 2 gun belts to the Pischführer Hansi and Bunsi

Since I always have a Feedback on hunting equipment of professionals am interested in, I asked the two Africans, the gun belts from Niggeloh in your rough, hunting everyday to test and give me a honest opinion to give. Already in the talks of the following days, they were both very positive…

A detailed assessment, so to speak, the long-term test, I get by both at the next Namibia trip. Then I will report it with a Video.

My first Oryx

Hunting proved practically

The patented quick-release fasteners from Niggeloh awesome. With just a few of the strap of the weapon’s handles and also ranmontiert. The could try, for example, when Long Range Shooting. Although in my particular case, the Sauer 404 is also a properly practical quick-release fasteners.

Hours and hours of stalking, and weapon to wear

On the prowl hunting knows the value of a good gun belt. The Material is made of the finest leather and neoprene is super comfortable. Although I’ve carried the gun daily for hours, I never had a feeling that something interferes. I can’t say the same for my other gun belts. There is always feel any “friction point”.

Super comfortable to wear

In Africa, it might be advisable to dispense with unnecessary bells and whistles. Therefore, we have opted for a classic gun belt from Niggeloh.

Noteworthy: The strap of the DDoptics are also from Niggeloh



It rattles and judders

The terrain in Namibia is in fact quite impassable. And on the Pickup there is, and quite properly shaken up. Also I was here for the comfort of the Gewehrgurts very grateful.

Also in the case of the warthog chase at the Start: Niggeloh rifle strap

About the whole Produktien from Niggeloh can be found on their Website:

Gun belt Niggeloh with quick release

  • Manufactured in Germany from the finest materials of the rifle connects to the belt function, comfort and Design
  • With two-sided quick fasteners
  • Non-slip and thus best grip on the shoulder
  • Lightweight: Only 160 grams, for all the weapons with belt straps (min. 20 mm) suitable
  • Neoprene gun belts: 25 years Ago a revolutionary and since then, known for their wearing comfort: in the Niggeloh Classic Look

As a conclusion, I can really say only Good things about the gun belt from Niggeloh. If it were not so, I would say it also! I’m curious, what will say the professionals from Namibia in a few months.