Hagopur Gourmet Paste – German Hunting Newspaper

27. July 2018 14






    Hagopur has developed a new attractant for wild boar.

    The idea of sows by an extremely attractive and long-lasting scent continued to attract, has been implemented according to the manufacturer, in an almost irresistible Paste. It contains a variety of Würzkomponenten with an amino-containing, vegetable flavour enhancer acid.

    The seasoning is spread with a spatula, wooden or hunting knife on Baits and on wood pillar. The Paste dissolves in the rain and penetrates into the wood. Sows lick and/or nibble thrilled with it. After use, the 750 can be closed-gram can easy and for further use are stored.

    Practice tip: Paste to dissolve in water, and with Kirrgut mix. The Price: 24,95 Euro.

    Info: www.hagopur.com.

    To lock materials, the opinions are divided: to Work the Paste? (Photo: The Manufacturer)