Hearing protection for free! – German Hunting Newspaper

10. August 2017 1864

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An active hearing protection (almost) for free? There’s not? But! The SVLFG promotes since the beginning of August, 2017, the purchase of prevention effective products.

The member companies are to be motivated to invest in work safety and health protection. For hunting the tenant of the acquisition can be promoted, e.g., an active ear protection. The acquisition is supported with up to € 100.

Per farm (hunting area) can be subsidised by a product. The promotion is limited to a total of € 200,000, it is the “wind dog principle”.

The SVLFG subsidised, for example, the acquisition of active hearing protection (photo: pixabay)

The conditions and requirements, and instructions for each measure are mandatory in order to get a promotion:

  • Applications for new purchases (no used products) 1. August to 31 July. December 2017.
  • Promote only products from 1. August 2017 were bought.
  • The products must meet the technical requirements.
  • A company can receive a maximum of one promotion in a calendar year.
  • A legal claim to the granting of a premium.
  • The awarding of the premiums depends on the order of receipt of premium applications.
  • Employees of the SVLFG are excluded from the promotion.

For more information, visit the website of the SVLFG.