Hesse: “forest, Wild” deer-future concept presented by the German hunting newspaper

6. December 2016 7

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To safeguard the native red Deer, the competent deer has submitted Hegegemeinschaft in the company of the provincial hunting Association of Hesse, a comprehensive concept for the future of this species.

You manage to follow the statutory mandate of the hunting authorities, accordingly, such examination is an important basis for Assessment for a customized number of Deer in the local area. So the implementation of the principle “forest Wild” in the interest of all parties Involved.

In a complex process with the involved actors, the 50-page work was completed well and to the gradual implementation in practice have been passed.

From left to right: R. W. Becker (LJV Hessen), W. come alone, S. Hempel, K. Lötzerich, A. White, H. Becker (all of the “deer ring Wattenberg rye castle” (source: LJV Hessen)

With a “Area questionnaire” as a core instrument of the current Situation in the coalfields had been recorded. The full return flow have provided important information for the habitat concept.

On the Basis of the collected data, an implementation concept, the presented specific demands and tasks of the involved actors such as municipalities, farmers and foresters, politicians and, of course, to hunters, will now. The project had been realized through active participation of all land owners, in particular, the local authorities and Hunting associations.

The implementation concept is designed as a medium – to long-term and is based on the following main features:

  • Due to the long-term nature, it should develop a “working tool” for the Hegegemeinschaft. It is up to you to determine the floor-bound, and independent of all aspects of the deer and its habitat edit.
  • The cooperation with the necessary stakeholders in the area in the implementation on concrete surfaces is crucial.
  • Also with a different perspective on the deer the concept is also a contribution to the biological diversity (“biodiversity”) in the local area.

The LJV Hessen had initiated more than 15 years ago, the here applied methodology and operate in a number of regions in Hesse, such a concepts, which would be based on consensus and not on the enforcement of interests of individual groups or organisations. So, for example, had been well reviewed in the area of the kaufunger forest previously completed habitat report, inter alia, of Hessen-Forst as the way of the future.