Hinz contra Ellenberger – German hunting newspaper

29. May 2018 68






    Just under 100 Hessian hunters had made their way to the country jägertag to Fulda.

    A lot of empty chairs and poor acoustics in the meeting hall of the Maritim hotel, resulted in sluggish mood among the delegates. Only a few of the speakers brought a little life to the place.

    Environmental Minister Priska Hinz (Alliance 90/The Greens) made, for example, for some humor, as you said: “The hunting conserve of raccoons in the breeding and settling time, I think it is right. A General eradication is not planned. The small bears are now among Germany!“

    In terms of predators, hunting and habitat concept deer LJV-President Dr. Jürgen Ellenberger and Hesse’s environmental Minister Priska Hinz (Alliance 90/The Greens) don’t agree (photo: Hans Jörg Nagel)

    Since LJV-President Dr. Jürgen Ellenberger purely parted, of course. He calls on the government: “cancel the restriction of the predators hunting! Who wants to help the partridge, may allow the raccoons, no summer break!“

    Also in terms of habitat concept deer in the LJV-chief of iron: “We adhere to the principle that forest-with-a-Wild, and therefore reject shooting sprees across the Board. If mountain bikers and geocachers disturb the Wild in the rest areas, then it peels, of course. At this point, the government must begin, and not constantly higher launch exclaim pay.“

    Finally, Ellenberger called for support for the black wild reduction. Trichinella-fees would have to be eliminated. And: “Create marketing concepts for beginners. From praise killing bonuses!“