Hot ass in cold nights – German hunting newspaper

26. October 2018 48






    Lightweight and powerful, the for the value is presented in the most imaginary heating pad “Heat Pad” of the company Outchair.

    This lightweight pillow heats up powerful: as DJZ-Aboprämie!

    Including battery it weighs only 300 grams and can be transport conveniently rolls along. For the battery, there is a bag in which the cable is housed. Charging it via a USB port, what it can also be simultaneously used as a Power Bank. The battery life is cycles according to the manufacturer, about 400 charge.

    The heating elements are within a few seconds and heat up the butt neat. Up to 6 hours of heat 3 heat settings available. The Format of the water-repellent heating pad: 40 x 30 inches.

    The price is 69,90 EUR. The pillow is meant by the term “Heat Pad” in Parey-Shop. It is also available as a Aboprämie for a one-year subscription to the German hunting newspaper for a total price of only 89 euros.