How much space for bison? – German Hunting Newspaper

6. December 2017 77

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Much. At least that’s the result of a study by the Humboldt University of Berlin. Prof. Dr. Tobias Kümmerle and Benjamin Bleyhl from the Institute of geography have identified 10 potential areas for reintroduction of the European bison in Germany.

Today, there are 8 countries 40 herds with more than 3,200 wild bison (photo: Shutterstock)

Particularly promising is the Müritz national Park with the lakes of Mecklenburg, the Region of Cottbus-spree forest-Guben, the resin and the Palatinate forest.

“Germany has a place for bison” that is why the environmental organization WWF, the Principal of the Berlin scientists. “Now it depends on whether the population in the potential Wisent-regions, as well as the policy and want to cattle, the return of the once extinct in the wild. That a settlement can be able to show other projects in Central and Eastern Europe,“ said WWF conservation Director, Dr. Diana Pretzell.

For Reintroductions, especially the habitats in question, the bison has enough natural retreats offer will come after that in Germany. In addition to the 4 already-mentioned regions on the territory according to the WWF, in the entire Federal additional suitable bison habitat: the mountains of the black forest, Spessart, Bavaria and the Thuringian forest, as well as the German Alps, and the Region around Celle/Hermannsburg.

Whether the bison would be accepted with open arms, however, is questionable. Because with acceptance there is a shortage in Germany, such as the ongoing process of forest owners against the reintroduction of bison in the Rothaargebirge mountains. The large wild cattle love the bark of a Tree. The have anyway, the forest owners in the wittgensteiner country is suffering.

The European bison is levels after eradication of the Auer bullock of the largest surviving herbivores in the European width. He is a close Relative of the American bison. In the 1920s, the wild stock of bison was completely eradicated, with only around 55 animals had survived in captivity. Today, there are 8 countries 40 herds with more than 3,200 wild bison. In Germany, the bison will be bred for more than 60 years in the bison Park Jump.