PD004 : How to Coyote Hunt with Geoff Nemnich

Predator Down Podcast RSSPredator Down Podcast LogoIn this episode of The Predator Down Podcast, I have the great opportunity to interview Geoff Nemnich of Coyote Craze. Geoff has been hunting coyotes since the 90’s and has become a seasoned coyote caller.  He knows and understands the coyote and gives some great tips on how to coyote hunt in our interview.

If you are tired of not having success and want to learn more about coyote hunting you can enroll in one of Geoff’s coyote calling classes which he calls his Coyote Craze College. He also started filming back in 2008 and has released some great footage.  He currently has released two volumes of the Coyote Craze Video Series.

Geoff also enjoys competing in coyote calling contests and even organizes one himself, the Coyote Craze Classic.  Come learn how to coyote hunt with Geoff Nemnich.

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