Hunter as a witness looking for German hunting newspaper

6. February 2018 166






    A hunter was.last Wednesday morning, an important witness who is now being sought

    Against 0.50 at a hunter from a police patrol on the main road in Schwörstadt in the district of Lörrach (Baden-Württemberg), in the context of a traffic control stopped. The green rock reported that he had recently been harassed by a driver of a silver station wagon with VT plates. Before the police could inquire as to the identity of the hunter, turned a silver vehicle in front of the control point in a Parking lot. The police were there to control. The hunter is looking for vehicles with a green area, now as a key witness in the case. Information can be submitted to Tel the officers of the police station Rheinfelden (.: 07623/74040).


    Not really a striking feature: A hunter with a green terrain is searched for as a witness to the car (photo: Icon)