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2. March 2018 3372






    In Basthorst, the new hunting of the year is also welcomed and 2018 due. The big new year’s eve party will take place on 31. March on gut Basthorst in the circle Duchy Lauenburg.

    Exceptionally, not in Green: The hunter new year’s eve, hunters run inside your Dirndl (photo: Marco van Gülich)

    The Dancefloor’t tell you is that there actually once were cows. Red carpet, colorful disco lights and loud music invite you to Dance. The DJZ will also be on site, and a hammer price of giving away. Let us surprise you!

    Who needs a break from Dancing, you can make his shooting skills in the mobile cinema Shooting. Also, there’s a raffle. As a jackpot, a smooth and elegant single shot rifle “Hubertus will be drawn” from the manufacturer Krieghoff. More information:


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