Hunter finds missing girl – German hunting newspaper

8. May 2018 37






    Great relief yesterday, in Hesse: A hunting tenant, discovered in the afternoon of the 3 reported missing 4-Year-olds.

    The 3 small children had disappeared on Monday with their kindergarten group on a tour of discovery in a wooded area in Herrenberg/hunger mountain (Hersfeld-Rotenburg), as against 10 clock. It was already 16 at the missing girl of a hunter, were found. They were lost in the forest.

    As informed by the police of Eastern Hesse, all 3 children are alive and well and back with their families. In the search for 40 police officers and 130 firefighters and more Volunteers were involved. Also 2 helicopters and several dogs were used.


    Only around 16 o’clock and the search for the missing girls could not be aborted successfully (photo: Osthessen News/dpa)