Hunter in the daily Newspapers looking for German hunting newspaper

18. September 2018 82






    The provincial hunting Association of North Rhine-Westphalia has neatly taken money in the Hand, and with a full-page ad in all of North Rhine-Westphalia’s daily Newspapers last Saturday caused quite a stir.

    In the style of a Job advertisement is one of the information projects of the hunting public Relations as before, the image film “natural life, to love and to protect”, has already found in a number of NRW-cinemas and on the Internet with great response. The medium for the LJV [hunting Association] General Assembly have provided in the Verbandsetat without financial support.

    The LJV surprised on Saturday with a full page as a Job-designed display (source: LJV NRW)

    “The aim of the action is to make the power spectrum of hunting and hunters for the conservation and the Public as well as their passion for nature and the demanding training and an exam for a hunting license. Wages of the many requirements of the hunter: Beautiful nature, great views, fresh air and a strong community,“ said hunter President Ralph Müller-Schallenberg.