Hunter Nabu birds – German hunting newspaper show

26. June 2018 147






    Lack of understanding for Germany’s hunters and falconers about the Interview of the Nabu-functionary Josef Tumbrinck from mid-June in the West German newspaper, the German hunting Association (DJV) in a press release.

    There Tumbrinck (Chairman of the Federal nature conservation in NRW) absorbed by this story about the statement that he had never experienced a hunter, the increases for the protection of a wall, Falcon a chimney. In addition, the hunting rights constitute a gateway for illegal shooting, and poisoning of strictly protected animals. The German Falk North (DFO), the DJV and the state hunting Association of North Rhine-Westphalia (LJV NRW) to protest against this propaganda: Either it is fake news or Tumbrinck has a bad memory gift such as a photo from the year 2015.

    A successful species protection: 1.099 peregrine Falcon hunters have grown between 1973 and 2010 and to the wild (source: DFO/DJV)

    At the time of Nabu-Chairman hawks together with falconers a wall on a Church tower ringed. In addition, protected species in the hunting would be right a higher level protection status under the nature conservation law. “With such statements, the top management of the Nabu puts your credibility into question and endangers good common types of protection projects at the working level”, said the President, Hartwig Fischer (DJV) and Ralph Müller-Schallenberg (LJV NRW).

    The peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) is to be regarded as a key category when it comes to active conservation of birds of Prey by hunters and falconers: 1.099 young animals they had bred between 1973 and 2010 and to the wild. Since 2011, the protection project with German Know-how is to be conducted in Poland. “To put our many years of successful conservation efforts with a set of completely denied, we do not understand the urgent need to reach out to each other, or the recognition of the benefits of both sides. Whether chimney or steeple – our base was, and is, together in dizzying heights on the way to the stocks of the wall of the national Falcon secure as well as internationally. Any other claim is false,“ the DFO Chairman, Hans-Albrecht Hewicker. He responded to the Tumbrinck Interview now with an open letter.

    The three organizations call on falconers and hunters on the Nabu with the Hashtag #bird show in the social media in the truest sense of the word a bird to show partridge over the capercaillie, Montagu’s Harrier to Redshank and peregrine Falcon – fighter support nationwide for a variety of bird conservation projects.