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Cazador sudafricano muere devorado por dos cocodrilos en Zimbabue - CazaWonke - Caza y Safaris, tu diario de caza.

A DNA test has confirmed that the human remains found in the body of two crocodiles in Zimbabwe belong to the hunter south african Scott van Zyl, disappeared last April 7 while on a hunt in the vicinity of the Limpopo river.

“The address of the Heritage Protection Group confirms with the permission of mrs. Van Zyl that the DNA found matches that of lord Scott van Zyl,” announced yesterday, this conservation group, which has participated in the work search, on your account of Facebook.

Van Zyl, 44 years old and natural of the province of Limpopo (in the north of south Africa and on the border with Zimbabwe), was the owner of the company of sport hunting SS Pro Safaris, and the day of his disappearance, had gone out hunting accompanied by a guide and two dogs. Both he and his tracker stopped the truck in which they were, and entered the mount in different directions. According to the Daily Telegraph, the dogs returned to the camp later without Zyl, whose rifle and personal items were found inside the truck.

Associations of hunters, emergency services and collective conservationists have sought for two weeks with helicopters and ground equipment of rescue the hunter of south africa.

The troops of the Armed Forces south african armed forces deployed on the border of Zimbabwe and the Police of Zimbabwe also contributed to the work of search, media reports in Johannesburg.

One of the helicopters deployed found the backpack of Van Zyl near the river Limpopo, which for some stretches separates south Africa from Botswana and Zimbabwe-and their crew and the Police of Zimbabwe decided to kill two crocodiles that were sighted in the area last April 14, after we suspect that you may have been responsible for the disappearance of Zyl.

The suspicions were confirmed to be human remains inside the animal. The DNA tests have been endorsed days after the hunter south african died devoured by the reptiles.