Hunter waits for the criminal case – the German hunting newspaper

10. August 2018 169






    Because the cargo was taken shipment of a hunter from the customs under the microscope, is now waiting for a criminal case on him.

    Customs of the Central customs office Frankfurt at the Main staff controlled the 30. July, a freight shipment from China. As the customs announced today, included the package 4 Laser Score – Green Laser devices and Camouflage-adhesive rollers for the optical camouflage of objects. In the case of the lasers it is apparently to aim headlights to the use of firearms. The receiver openly admitted that it was upgrading the technology of the visor of his hunting rifle. Since this device is classified by the law as a prohibited weapon, waiting for the hunters are now a criminal case, because of the violation of the arms act.


    Photo: the main customs office in Frankfurt am Main