Hunters have more claims – German hunting newspaper

6. September 2018 94






    With the at the 4. September, adopted by a Cabinet design, the NRW state government, the next step for the rapid and urgently needed Revision of the land hunting law.

    “The government keeps more of the word and is in the schedule. Now it is a matter for the Parliament to advise the law without delay and to adopt. At animal-, nature – and species protection, the obvious shortcomings of the current provincial hunting law must be turned off and the rural space be respected is reasonable,“ said hunter President Ralph Müller-Schallenberg the Cabinet design.

    NRW-hunter President Ralph Müller-Schallenberg (photo: Sebastian Jakob)

    Also in the further legislative procedure, will participate in the national Association of active and calls for, inter alia, the inclusion of the following provisions:

    1. Full recording of the Federwilds in accordance with the Federal law on hunting in the country hunting act. The current scheme is considered to be not feasible, a protection of certain wild game species over a full year already times as effective.
    2. Re-introduction of the obligation hegeschau the deer on the transparency, and also to the non-hunting population.
    3. Allowing area-wide hunting in the protected areas for the prevention of epidemic risks such as the African swine fever (land conservation act).
    4. Funding of the research centre for hunting the customer and the wild the prevention of damage from public funds instead of out of the hunting tax.

    Müller-Schallenberg expects that the future land hunting law to the new hunting year on 1. April 2019 will be in force. He pointed out that the services of the hunting community for nature and society have always been the party recognized across.