Hunters have no claim to exhaust the German hunting newspaper

29. November 2018 2415






    This decision was made yesterday at the Federal administrative court in Leipzig after a hunter had appealed against the rejection of his silencer need.

    As in many other States already usual, the Berlin Weidmann wanted to use the Hunting rights that a silencer on his rifle. This he applied to the competent authority. However, the Competent rejected. The hunter did not want to be satisfied and went to court.

    Judge at the administrative court of Berlin covered already on the 25. January with this theme.

    (Photo Montage: Max Sattler)

    Your decision: The authority has acted correctly. The hunter needs for the hunt no muffler. Thus, the green rock was still not satisfied. By jump revision went to the Federal administrative court. And there, the verdict fell yesterday.

    Therefore, no weapons exist in the case of hunters, a legal requirement for the purchase of silencers for the hunting shooting. Furthermore, it is said in the press release on this decision: “Finally, silencers are not required to protect the hearing of hunters in front of the muzzle blast. The administrative court has a binding established that other means of hearing protection are the same in effect (the ear cups, In-ear protection).

    For the time being, a hunter with a legally registered sound should dampers be on the safe side and with the dampers on hunting. But the legislators at the Federal and state level are now in a tight spot. Legal security can now be a Change at the Federal level made. In the unlikely worst case scenario of a withdrawal of all silencers permits in the Federal territory for hunter threatens.