Hunting dog stolen – German hunting newspaper

19. July 2018 30






    Yesterday evening, an Irish Foxhound-dog of the Bay of Mecklenburg was stolen from Burger hounds out of their kennels.

    The truck of the drag hunt Association, Freiherr von Esebeck e. V. stand in the Parking lot of the town hall of the Seeheilbades Ahlbeck in the Spa Park road on the island of Usedom (Mecklenburg-Vorpommern), as the bitch was stolen.

    The 6-Year-old female was sitting in it in a kennel. The perpetrators gained access to the truck closed, but not locked, and stole according to police, 2,000 euros valuable bitch. This belongs to the Mecklenburg hounds, which was during the time of the crime in front of the camera of the NDR. Bitch Wally is just under 60 inches high. Anyone who has made observations, please contact the police Anklam (038378 279 0).


    (Photo: Police Inspection Anklam)