Hunting in the Heath country, where the hunters hunt with the wolves

Love hunting and nature lovers, four days with friends in a fantastic hunting area in the state of Brandenburg are behind me. Giant Heather and forest areas. The ending of broom flower, stag beetle, Nightjar, Golden Oriole, Wolf, ant-lion, deer, fallow, Red, predatory and feral. There was plenty of prey with a camera and a rifle. I also had hunting success. Days with a yearning potential. But have a look in the following hunting videos for yourself…


Jonas was successful. The hat he wears a hunter fracture. A three-rung branch, the three Scion 😉 A good buck was killed. You can clearly see my Shoe track. On the way there the wolf track was on the left side is still there. Just missed… The hunter’s view, always in the direction of the nature of The choice of hunting equipment is often crucial for success or failure I like the picture because it is the term of the hunting bloggers, well describes. It regularly goes hunting, and documented his experiences in word, image, and Film as realistic as possible, to be able to share it with Others. I’ve been doing this since 2011. The Moment when viewing the recording, is always exciting. My claim always remains to be better. Blogging is a full-time job , life is short. For the beautiful moments you should take your time. Added a cropped image, but it shows what it takes to stalk. Light equipment, as much and as little as possible. Stalking floor, light, double glass or thermal imaging camera, knife, handy hunting rifle with a variable scope. That’s it… The goat hunting I take my mountain piece B4 Black of Merkel. Lightweight, easy-to-handle and precise. Here I am human, here can I be. For buck hunting I’ll take my mountain piece B4 Black of Merkel. Lightweight, easy-to-handle and precise. Hunting knife Mouflon grips. Thuringia are my companion. Hunting success of wolves photo: Eike Mross , The sound muffled shot , The sound muffled shot Sundowner

Wolf recordings Eike Mross pictures credits include Alexander Ahrens hold