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5. February 2018 81






    Hunting is not a male domain any more: Every fourth participant in hunter classes is a woman, shows a DJV survey. Since 2011, the number of graduates has risen by 46 percent.

    More and more women be trained as hunters. In the hunt schools, the female share is now 24 percent. The one-fifth is more than seven years ago. This is the result of a current survey given by the German hunting Association (DJV), to the independent IfA market research Institute in Bremen and the Partner (IfA) in order. More than a fifth (21 per cent) of all respondents had prior training, no experience with hunting, and almost a quarter (23 percent) of the hunters young lives in the city. These results of the Federation of hunters, released today on the occasion of the “hunt and dog”, Europe’s largest hunting exhibition.

    More and more women be trained as hunters: The female share in the hunting of the schools is now at 24 percent (source: German hunting Association)

    The budding Waidfrauen and men come from the middle of the company: 17 percent work in service occupations, 11 percent are craftsmen, 14 percent of pupils and students. A little more than half of the respondents men and women according to the survey, unmarried. The typical young hunter is 35 years old, on average, a year younger than her male colleague. The youngest participant was a 15-year-old girl, the oldest a 73-year-old pensioner. For the training to be a hunter, most of the respondents not more than for a driving school course have paid an average of nearly 1,900 Euro.

    From December 2016 to September 2017, the DJV respondents, in cooperation with the IfA-Institute of 2,350 participants in the preparatory courses for the hunter exam. With almost 17,000 registrations for 2017 are about 14 percent of all course participants. Overall, have filed in the past calendar year 13.944 hunting students the exam successfully. Around 46 per cent more graduates than in 2011, the year of the first young hunter survey. The diarrhea rate in 2017 the national average at 18 percent. Most specimens have been pressed, in lower Saxony school: just workforce of 4,087. It will follow up on the squares of Baden-Württemberg (2.690), Bavaria (2.326), Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (2.325) and North Rhine-Westphalia (1.679).

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