Hunting otters in the Brescia area, the traps have been destroyed

Caccia alle nutrie nel Bresciano, le trappole sono state distrutte

Caccia alle nutrie nel Bresciano, le trappole sono state distrutteThe plan for the eradication of otters has also started in the province of Brescia, but in Pralboino are problems important. In fact, some of the traps designed for rodents are destroyed and therefore can no longer be used. From the month of February, and then from a few weeks to this part, hunters and farmers have formed a group intervention for the containment of the species that is causing so much damage to the primary sector.

The presence of animals is rampant and worrying, with fears of major concern to the open country, the embankments of water courses (the typical place where you can meet otters) and in areas close to the town centre, in particular in the vicinity of the ditches. The Municipality of Pralboino, in the Province of Brescia and the group formed by the world of agriculture and hunting have concluded a basic agreement for the eradication.

In populated areas, were arranged in these cages for the capture of otters, but the devices have not survived. The last periodic control has established the presence of traps destroyed and heaped up, as a result you will need to run for cover.