Important ruling of the administrative court on the transfer and reporting of hunting weapons

Importante sentenza del TAR sul trasferimento e denuncia delle armi da caccia

Importante sentenza del TAR sul trasferimento e denuncia delle armi da cacciaThe Regional Administrative Court of Campobasso is pronounced in respect to the holding of weapons and their transfer. In particular, the courts have upheld the use of an engineer who has been in a particular situation. According to the TAR, the possession also requires a complaint within 72 hours after the material availability. In the case of transfer from one Italian city to another you have to repeat the complaint.

The man, fond of hunting, kept three guns in the house of the mother, moving into a country residence and store it in a drawer closed. Two days after the move, however, there had been a theft, and the consequent dispute as to the failure to custody due to negligence. As determined by the Court, the man would have had to denounce the transfer of weapons to the new home within 72 hours, but since the theft happened before this term, there was the time materials to provide.

That’s why the appeal has been upheld, without objecting to the omission: among other things, the judges also took account of the maturity of the engineer and ofthe absence of abuse of the weapon. In other words, the prohibition of detention of weapons, the order of assignment to an armory, and for the revocation and the withdrawal of the precautionary of the port of gun to use hunting and appeared out of proportion to what had been considered a violation.