In Pescara the delivery of the material to selecacciatori of wild boars

A Pescara si consegna il materiale ai selecacciatori di cinghiali

A Pescara si consegna il materiale ai selecacciatori di cinghialiAs expected from the calendar of hunting 2016-2017 of the Abruzzo region and of the Determination of the Region last February 9, theTerritorial Scope of the Hunt of Pescara is ready to start the hunt of selection at the wild boar. The activity concerns both the area suited and non-suited (in the specific, it is the territory that is not subject to the zoning of the teams).

This hunting is regulated, also, by a special disciplinary operating that has been prepared by the Committee of Management of the same ATC. In the course of the day tomorrow, Tuesday, 21 march 2017, there will be an important meeting at the Marble Hall of the Province of Pescara (at 17:30) to deliver the material necessary for the performance of the hunting of the selection.

Therefore, all of the selecacciatori enabled, enrolled or not to the teams that have made a request within the time set out in the Framework of pescara, are invited to participate. In the course of the meeting, we deliver the cable ties and you might want to assign the heads in a nominal. The foremen (or their deputy) will receive the cartography at the operational level of the various zones. The territory is not suited and is divided in five macro-areas, each of which with a meeting place (mailbox), for the moment still provisional.