In Siena a course of 6 evenings to control foxes, rabbits and starlings

A Siena un corso in 6 serate per controllare volpi, conigli e storni

A Siena un corso in 6 serate per controllare volpi, conigli e storniThe provincial section of Siena dell’Arci Caccia has decided to organize a training course that takes its cue fromarticle 37 of Regional Law number 3 of 1994. The lessons will serve to deepen and to enable the control of several species, in particular foxes, minilepre, wild rabbit, corvids, otters, wild boars, pigeons of the city, starlings, and turtledoves, the eastern collared. The course will begin in three days, on Monday, 22nd may 2017and will feature six classes.

After the first, in fact, you will continue on the 23, 26, 29, and 30 may to 1 June. The site chosen is that of the Circolo Arci “the Cottage” which is located in the locality of the House, more precisely in Castelnuovo Berardenga (province of Siena). The frequency of the lessons (all in the evening, to communicate to the interested parties) will be required, as established by the regional decree 1075 of 2016.

For registration you have to submit an application to the Arci Hunting Siena, the seat of which is in a tuscan town at Via Massetana Romana, 18: you can call us at the number 0577271571 , or send a message to the email address info@arcicacciasiena.en. You should use it in this case in the form prepared by the Region of Tuscany with a revenue stamp of 16 euros and a copy of the front and back of a valid identity document.