Indians has been hard to drag to the German hunting newspaper

6. April 2018 105






    Officials of the Bavarian state police controlled last Thursday, a 46-Year-old Indians, which led to the Munich Central station, a apparently extremely hard acting as a hand Luggage suitcase.

    Were seized 167 packets pop cartridges, and 3 packages animal defense cartridge (photo: German Federal police)

    In the investigation of at least 48.5 Kg heavy suitcase, the inspection discovered your entire 8.650 rounds of ammo.

    Investigation by the Munich police revealed that the Indians spend in the order of an Austrian ammunition from Vienna to Paris, and there, the further transport by means of aircraft to India. The ammunition was intended for a film production.

    The 46-year-old Indian, who had received the transfer order, only 150 Euro, can expect a fine in the amount of 2,300 euros. He has failed to fulfil the transport policy of the Deutsche Bahn AG.