Investigation against farmers – the German hunting newspaper

13. June 2017 89

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Because farmers mowed their meadows, to inform without the hunter, is now initiated an investigation against you.

At the beginning of June, it was Salem in the room and pointed Eder sea (lower Saxony) by the farmers of the 2. Cut performed. Although the hunter pointed out on several occasions that there kids are in the meadows was mowed, the cut without a prior Search. The result: at Least 3 by the mower and seriously injured fawns.

Since the kids have instincts in the first few weeks, no Escape, Crouch in tall Grass and are victims of the mowers (photo: Sophia Lorenzoni)

Both the driver of the agricultural machinery, as well as against the managers now, a calculation procedure was initiated because of animal cruelty. The police Wittmund emphasized that in such cases, minor damage. The farmers are in accordance with the animal protection law of the obligation, the meadows in front of the mowing on dormant Wild, and to check Breeding nests, in order to prevent unnecessary Suffering of wild animals.