It will be a hot time in Leipzig – the German hunting newspaper

1. October 2018 34






    At the first Saxon wild BBQ 30 German and international Teams will take part in the championship at the exhibition hunting and fishing. With the Team “Wild to Wild”. The DJV supported the competition as an official Partner.

    On 6. and 7. October 2018, the first Saxon to be held wild BBQ championship. The Competition will be held in Leipzig, Germany at the trade fair, hunting & fishing, of the leading hunting and fishing fair in Central Germany. In a specially arranged BBQ the village of 30 Amateur and professional teams compete in two competitions against each other. The German hunting Association (DJV) supports the event with his campaign, Wild about game, and provides a book by the same BBQ team.

    Torsten Pistol (l.) and Sebastian Kapuhs (R) are part of the Wild Wild grill team (photo: Kapuhs/DJV)

    With a Team of hunters and falconers Torsten Pistol of gun-hardcore food that supplies the top restaurants in Germany, with high quality food.

    For the audience, the visitors to the fair will be awarded, grilling the Teams on the first day of competition, wild pork on the fire plate. On the second day of the barbecue championship 4 courses consisting of fish, leg of venison, wild pork belly and a Dessert for the jury to be prepared rating. The Jury consists of 12 persons of the nationwide barbecue and cooking scene. The winning team with the highest total score is allowed to carry the title of “Saxon wild grill master 2018”. The winner of each course will also be awarded.

    Domestic venison is a natural, regional food. It’s lean, low – calorie and low cholesterol substances, rich in protein, vitamins and minerals. It also provides the vital, unsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids, which our body can not produce itself. These vessels have a positive impact on the immune system and inhibit inflammatory reactions, as well as deposits in the blood. With the campaign “Wild to Wild” power of the DJV home venison as a sustainable food. On the Internet page there are tips for processing venison and regularly simple, modern wild game recipes. A zip code search, consumers will find Restaurants, the home of game to offer, as well as suppliers.

    PM DJV